Friendship: The International Connector

I just got home from a fantastic scholarship benefit hosted by USAC and am glowing after spending an evening eating and drinking with some dear friends of mine from my study abroad programs. It truly is incredible to me how small the world is, and nights like this one remind me that no matter the borders that separate us, we are all the same. Any person on any continent on the planet is just a phone call or Skype session away. No matter our cultural differences backgrounds, upbringings, or current situations, we all share a similar love and passion for travel, making memories, and exploring the beautiful world we live in.


Luis Fernández from Alicante, Spain

It’s a powerful feeling to be in a room full of strangers from countries around the globe and feel right at home. Looking at us, you would have thought we were at a family reunion. Laughter filled the room as stories were swapped among resident directors, students, and staff from all over the world. Moments were relived, memories were recounted and promises for future adventures were made wholeheartedly.


My resident director Jacob John from Bangalore, India

This is why I study abroad. This is why I feel it important to explore the world. You gain a tremendous sense of self while broadening your horizons and meeting some incredible people in the process. I am 100 percent confident that wherever I end up in this world, I will have friends by my side. I am a better person for meeting them, and I would like to think they have benefited from knowing me. Together we are a global force for good and can show others the benefits of becoming a citizen of the world.

Have you thought about study abroad but have been unsure as to whether or not it’s for you? Take that leap of faith and look into programs that could change the rest of your life!


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