Step Up: The Value of a Challenge

After watching my fraternity’s class of pledges be successfully initiated and enter the fold of the chapter, I reflected back upon my own pledge semester and how much it shaped me as a person. I learned more about myself and grew more as a person in those 8 weeks than I ever had in college. Looking back on the struggles and triumphs of that process made me realize how important challenges are in our lives. Staying the same is by definition a lack of progress, and your life can stagnate before your eyes and leave you wondering where you went wrong. Challenges give us something to strive for, a reason to push ourselves to new heights and test our limits as individuals. Challenges shape our lives and drive our futures. Here are three characteristics that make challenges so vital to a fulfilling life:


Challenges exist for a reason. Think survival of the fittest is only for animals? Think again. To stay competitive in any aspect of life, whether it be dating, career advancement or anything else, you will have to overcome challenges and come out victorious to succeed. The world is always changing and evolving and to get to new places we must test the limits.

Challenges push you to live up to your full potential. Without a reason to do better, it’s easy to become complacent and lose sight of your aspirations and dreams. Don’t sell yourself short! Challenge yourself to be better and you will become better. Keep striving for that ideal you until when you look in the mirror, you see it.

Challenges never stop. There will never be a time when you say “I made it. Time to give up.” If you aren’t staying caught up, you’re falling behind, and to be an ideal human being and live a successful life you must continually improve. The greatest thing about life is that it keeps opening more doors. Don’t be afraid to walk through them.

Challenge yourself today! There is no limit to your success if you keep pushing.

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One thought on “Step Up: The Value of a Challenge

  1. Very true about challenge being a good thing, and so often we let the fear of something new prevent us from trying new things and gaining the growth that is such a valuable part of the experience.

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