Embracing Change: Take Charge of Your Future

Human beings are, by nature, creatures of habit. We like the security of surety and sometimes resist change to stay inside of our comfort zones. My advice for you before we go any further is STOP! Change is an inevitable part of nature and life and leads us to bigger and better things. There is no stopping it, and by fighting it you are only holding yourself back. Don’t be motivated by fear; be motivated by inspiration. The sooner you realize that change is unavoidable and learn to embrace it, the sooner you can make change work for you and be proactive in changing your life for the better.


Make change work for you by first learning to trust yourself and your instincts. You can lead yourself through any change, whether planned or unexpected, so remind yourself of that.

Learn to live outside of your comfort zone (and enjoy it!). There is a whole great big amazing world out there just waiting to be discovered, and an endless amount of amazing opportunities for change within yourself.

If the change is something you aren’t happy about, acknowledge that. Tell yourself “well, this sucks” and start proactively thinking of ways to deal with it. You can’t change everything, but accepting that you don’t love it and managing ways to work about it can be extremely beneficial.

A very important piece of the puzzle: find your own pace! Making a life change can alter your world in more ways than you were expecting, and rushing through the change may not give you time to accept it. Adapt at your own pace and take things slow until you start getting used to the change.

Finally, sit back and appreciate everything you’ve gained. You embraced change and made it work for you because you grew as a person and took charge of your future. We do have control over our own destinies, at least to some extent, and once we learn to stop fearing change and start using it to move forward, we can take charge of our futures and never look back.

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2 thoughts on “Embracing Change: Take Charge of Your Future

  1. Great post! And thanks for referencing my “Fear or Inspiration: The Two Motivators That Makes Us Move ” post in this as well. I’m glad you stumbled across it and found it worth sharing!

  2. Awesome post. Loved the part about finding your own pace. Change is great, but if you try and change at someone else’s pace you often miss out on all the benefits of the changing process

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