Re-checking Your Resolutions: Are You Getting There?

I recently stumbled upon an article written back in January about realizing your New Years resolutions and not letting them fizzle out. Let’s face it: most of us never follow through on our resolutions, no matter how fervently we pursue them. For some reason we don’t allow ourselves to realize our full potential and come up with very creative cop-outs and excuses for why we can’t follow through. This article gave five simple suggestions on how to not only set resolutions, but actually see them through to fruition, and I think they’re so simple and logical that anyone can put them to use. I know it’s April, but who says resolutions have to start in January? Here are the five tips summarized into a power list:


1.  Manage Time. Mastering time management is one of the most important life skills a person can learn and is critical to anyone who wants to be successful. To Do lists should include both personal and professional goals; without me time, you lose any reason for wanting to work hard. Avoid procrastination! When people start a task they usually finish it. Also, as much as you may pride yourself on your ability to multitask, resist the urge. Give each task your full attention and get it off your plate so you can move on to the next one.

2.  Manage Yourself. Remember what I said about learning about your personality and the type of person you are? This is the time to put that knowledge to use. Figure out what motivates you and whether it’s internal or external. Then begin making logical working improvements to your life, starting with the day today and then planning for the day tomorrow.

3.  Be Magnanimous. As much as you may deny it, you aren’t perfect. Nobody expects you to be, so you shouldn’t expect it of yourself. Learn from your failures and use them to move forward and grow. Forget about the past and be kind to yourself! You ARE worth it and you DO deserve it.

4.  Career Management. Now is the time to really sit down and think about where you want to be in five years. Start planning early and you give yourself the greatest chance to realize your goals! Find what you love and do more of it. Do more for yourself and your future, whether it be for next year or your retirement.

5.  Manage Knowledge. If you aren’t continually improving, you’re falling behind. This is as true for an individual as it is for any business. Learn something new every day and focus on building skills. Don’t focus on weaknesses. Modify your environment to include great influences and great people and get smarter.

Think about these tips and ask yourself, “How am I doing?” Are you getting there? If not, what’s stopping you? Once you’ve found the obstacle, get rid of it! Don’t stand in your own way. Remember not to be your own worst enemy and be proactive in changing your life for the better.

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