Your Friends Can Help You Find Yourself

As I return from a day of fierce competition, pride and brotherhood, I find myself in awe of a realization I’ve just stumbled upon: your friends and the people you choose to spend your time with have more impact on your life than you can ever possibly imagine. It’s a fascinating thought and I give myself great pause to mull it over. Face it: those closest to you have the greatest influence in shaping you as a person, whether it’s through their beliefs, their habits, or the things you do together. You become like those around you. When you find a person or group of people around whom you can totally be yourself, you’ll be surprised how much of yourself you discover.


Actively seek out relationships with people who are smarter than you, more successful than you, or share some common aspiration or goal that you can move toward together. Spend time with people who will bring you up with them, and never forget to return the favor. If you can be totally genuine around a person or group of people and they love you for it, you know you’ve found a good place to rest your head. Pay attention to what it is about yourself that these people adore and you’re getting closer every day to finding yourself. Remember what I’ve said about using your personal network! If you aren’t happy with your friends or they aren’t helping you reach for your dreams, it may be time to make a change.

A fantastic speaker by the name of Adam Carroll once repeated to me a famous quote: “you become successful not by being interesting, but by being interested in other people.” Use those around to you better yourself and learn from them every day. Your most valuable assets aren’t the business cards sitting in your drawer who might not remember your name; they’re the people who would do anything for you and expect nothing in return. Find those people and keep them close.

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