Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy: You Can Do This

This year I’ve faced a semester tougher than any of my previous semesters in college. I’ve had to make some very hard choices and say some goodbyes in order to move forward on the path I’m choosing for my life. Although I’ve faced some speed bumps and a lot of uphill climbs, I realized today that sometimes your biggest opponent is yourself. I have to constantly use self-talk to remind myself that I’m doing more than most people ever attempt to and that I only have myself to prove that to. A simple mental “you’ve got this” is sometimes all it takes to snap me out of a panic mode. Other times I use a moment of silence. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget what you’re really working for; don’t let it happen to you!



Make those tough choices and use those lists to prioritize what really matters in your life, then go out and get them! Stop saying “I think I can” and start saying “I know I can.” It’s ok to ask people that matter in your life to remind you of who you are when you need it. Use your support system for what it’s meant for. Move forward in the face of adversity in every aspect of your life and get rid of that negative self-talk that can truly be the difference between your success and your failure. You are worth it!

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