Giving Back to India: The Girls of Rainbow Home

During my time in India I was exposed to an entirely new world: new culture, new language, new food, and new people. When I wasn’t in class or exploring the city, I was completing hours of service learning at BOSCO Rainbow Home. This shelter for abandoned, abused, and neglected girls changed my life forever, and I couldn’t leave India without making a promise to myself to remember the girls when I went home. They made such an impact on my life that I vowed to make the same impact on theirs.

ImageTwo months later, myself and a few other students from the program have begun a fundraising campaign called Raising Up Rainbows in an attempt to raise much-needed money to send back to the home in India. The stories of how these girls came to live at Rainbow Home were shocking, sobering, and chilling to my core. They had endured abuse, neglect, torture, abandonment; some had even been sold by their parents to have more money for themselves or their other (male) children. I discovered that these 54 girls were forced to take cold showers on the rooftop of their building every night because they didn’t have the money for a hot water heater. Female children are treated and viewed very differently than male children in Indian society, and the lack of equipment, supplies and resources at Rainbow Home compared to the neighboring home for boys was profound. As a female I’ve made it my personal mission to see that these girls don’t want for anything as they heal and grow into strong, independent women.

Today I’m asking for your support in raising hope and much-needed donations for these beautiful children. Every dollar helps; even becoming a supporter is a way to help without making a donation. Please help spread the word through your social networks, personal networks, or however else you think you can make an impact! Trust me when I say you’ll be changing lives forever.



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