The Value of a Vacation

As I sit and unpack after an incredible weekend in Southern California, it struck me that vacations are not only a nice escape from the day-to-day, but rather that they are a valuable part of any successful professional life. More and more employers offer paid time off and actually encourage their employees to get out of the office every once and a while, or more than that. Smart business owners and businesspeople embrace the value of a vacation and I thought it pertinent to discuss what I feel to be the business benefits to taking a break.

  • Individuals who take regular vacations are far less likely to experience burnout at work.
  • Taking time off can increase productivity at work by leading to a better quality of life, which can translate into increased quality of work.
  • Vacations can increase creativity by promoting self-discovery.
  • I’ve blogged before about how travel can be life-changing, and while not every vacation comes with an epiphany, it’s worth a shot, right?

staycationRemember, not every vacation needs to be an all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas; sometimes a staycation will do. Everybody has a breaking point; wouldn’t it just be better not to reach it and allow yourself a few luxurious moments every once and a while? When was the time you took a breather and completely unplugged? Cash in on some of that paid time off you’ve been saving and give yourself a well-deserved break!

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