Learning to Love Yourself

As I sat reading my horoscope today (I know, cheesy), I began to reflect on some blogs I’ve read over the past few weeks regarding finding yourself and embracing everything you are, including the imperfections. My horoscope is full of the things I love about myself and that I couldn’t change if I could: my outgoing personality, my huge heart, the loyalty of a lion, and the insatiable desire to travel all over the world for the rest of my life. However, mixed into these positive qualities are a few I would rather not have: impatience, the want to do everything all of the time (an impossible task), and an extremely impulsive personality. Rather than dwell on imperfections, however, I think it’s important to embrace them and learn ways to work around them.

HeartOne article I read spoke about playing to your strengths and hiring around your weaknesses. Although this post was tailored to a managerial audience, the same principle can be applied to any aspect of your life. I find it helps to surround yourself with people you’re in awe of. I seek out people smarter, more experienced, more outgoing, or just more “something” than I am, and being around them continually pushes me to be better. There is such a thing as positive peer pressure, and spending time with people who build you up and make you better is one of the best ways to minimize the parts of yourself you don’t love so much.

Another lesson I’ve learned is to stop seeing your negatives as weaknesses; instead, see them as opportunities. Weaknesses are opportunities to get stronger. If there are things that you truly want to change about yourself, set goals and make them happen. Along with that, you have to realize that you are who you are; it’s a waste of time to try to eliminate your weaknesses. Attempt to get them in check and focus on building your strengths around them, like walls around a castle. Nobody is perfect; it’s okay to admit it. The sooner you can come to terms with that, the sooner you can focus on the things that really matter to you in life.

How do I cope with my imperfections? My horoscopic mantra: I expand. I continually search for truth and knowledge in every aspect of my life and absorb it all to make myself better. Then I give as much of it as I can away. How do you cope? Think about it and share your story with me.

Photo Credit: tinybuddha.com


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