Great Lessons in Time Management

time-management-man-Happening-PeopleEveryone can relate to the expression “there literally aren’t enough hours in the day.” As a busy, dedicated student with her hands in everything, I fully sympathize with those who wish there were just a few more hours a day or that humans were born with a few more arms. But really, what control do we have over that? We’re only given 24 hours a day. For most of us, some of those have to be spent sleeping. So how can we capitalize on the other 16-20 hours we spend awake and get the most out of our time?

1. Rethink your To-Do List. Even the writing of the list is spending some of your precious time, and capitalizing on the items that take the least effort with the greatest returns will make sure you’re leveraging your time wisely.

2. Do the most important items first. Getting those little things done because they don’t take much time can end up taking up all of your free time, and you’re left with a clean kitchen and a missed deadline on a paper (for example).

3. As I’ve talked about before, make some tough decisions if you have to and learn to let things go. That hour meeting every two weeks can now be turned into one more productive hour of your time!

Do you have any tips for making the most of your time? Please share them! Have a productive week.

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One thought on “Great Lessons in Time Management

  1. I like to believe that it’s not a time problem we suffer from, it’s a priority problem. I agree that rethinking our to-do list is the first place to start. We need to prioritize what really needs to be there and start with the most important tasks. Once we accomplish those, the day is a success and all those other tasks are just a bonus.

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