Learning to LEAD

This weekend I had the incredible privilege of attending the Western Provincial LEAD Conference in Sacramento, California. As a member of the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, I am routinely given the opportunity to network with hundreds of other brothers across the West Coast and gain valuable connections and experience to help me on my way to the professional world. I had the chance to listen to an incredible speaker named Adam Carroll about defeating personal fears and rising to your full potential.

Learn & Lead

Adam’s program was titled “Your Dream Job is Waiting” and centered around the power of a network. He emphasized the importance of actively engaging those in your network and being interested, not interesting. Doing things for other people is not only rewarding, it’s also the best way to get others to want to help you in the future, and Adam showed all of us just how powerful connections can be. He chose one person from the room and asked what her dream job would be. After she expressed her desire to work for the Red Cross, he asked the room who could help her in realizing her dream. Another student raised her hand and stated that she knew the assistant director of the Red Cross in her city and could connect them. This cycle continued with a few other students and we quickly realized that we were in a room full of unlimited opportunities.

Adam reminded all of us that we were here for a reason; chance did not bring us together. Our motivation and passion for personal and professional advancement was the reason that we were all sitting together in that room. I left the session feeling empowered and dedicated to becoming a super connector and using my connections to help others succeed. I also felt less upset about the fact that I don’t quite know my dream job; as long as I have just one room full of connections to help me on my way, I can achieve any objective I set my mind to.

Adam closed the speech with a challenge: we were to write down everything that we were afraid of, then make a conscious, constant effort to cross every one of these things off of our lists. Defeating fear is the key to success, because each fear is turned into a personal win and helps boost confidence and center your focus.

What is something you’re afraid of? Is your fear of failure holding you back from applying for that dream internship or job? Tell me the top of your fear list and what you’re doing to defeat it!

Photo Credit: mncampuscompact.com


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