An Introduction to My Journey…

Welcome to the start of my journey to finding my personal brand. In deciding on what to discuss and explore on my personal blog, I decided that the best thing I could do as far as establishing my value was to talk about my journey to defining and understanding exactly what that value is. I know firsthand how scary it can be to answer the question: What is your personal brand? It’s unnerving to break yourself down and truly define who you are as a professional and, more importantly, as an individual. I also feel that this is one of the most important things anybody can do when attempting to map out the next two, five, or ten years of their life. My hope is that my experiences will help others on this journey.

When I was first faced with the assignment of defining my personal brand, I thought, “No problem. I’m a senior International Business student at the University of Nevada, Reno.” Then I realized that this sentence could define at least a dozen other people, if not more. I started to really dig into what makes me unique, what gives me that competitive edge among all the other people who could share the same tag line. I’ve studied abroad twice on two different continents and traveled to over a dozen more in the process, which gives me experience beyond that of my classmates. I’m also extremely sensitive to and aware of the fact that many businesspeople don’t understand or embrace the complex and international nature of today’s business world, and that this is often caused either by fear or by simple ignorance. I am an outspoken advocate of equality and tolerance in every aspect of my life and I wish greatly to share this with other people to initiate change. That is what makes me unique.

Throughout the next few posts I hope to demonstrate how my international experiences have helped shape the person I am, as well as the place I think I want to be when I graduate. I hope the stories of my journey to discovering this passion and the steps I’m still taking to truly define my personal brand will inspire others to be brave and take steps to understanding their own brand, whether that means leaving the country or simply enrolling in a course about international business. I believe that learning more about the world helps one learn more about oneself, and that it is one of the most rewarding forms of self-discovery. I welcome you to share in my journey and look forward to taking it with you.


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